Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash

Deep in the forest I found a tree

That looked exactly like my knee

Although I tried to pass it by

I could not kick it from my mind

I will admit I have imagined

A human twin here on this planet

But never once has it crossed my mind

That my left knee could look like pine

“I’ll double back, take one more look,”

Perhaps I imagined or mistook.

But then again I see the logic

With my last name, it’s not so tragic

A leafy look-alike makes sense

So who am I to take offense?

I have no proof this really happened

And at that thought, I’m truly saddened

That there among Patagonian wood

Right there where my knee tree stood

I did not stop to take a shot

Too rushed was I, that I forgot.

So there it sits, eons away,

While I think back and rue the day

How wrong was I to hurtle by,

Without so much as a hi.

CEO @ Friends of Wallacea // ex-ghost writer, ex-vc // harnessing the power of tech for conservation, and writing about it.